Why Aren't You Recovering From Sickness?
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Why Aren't You Recovering From Sickness?

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Many of us prioritise our health - we try to make sure we are eating good food, getting good quality sleep, getting regular exercise, managing stress and using a quality product like Good Green Vitality to fill in any gaps and give us peace of mind. These are all important lifestyle factors that play an important role in helping to keep us healthy.


If we do get sick, we once again aim to do all the right things - we stay home and rest, we drink more fluids and we take immune supporting supplements so that we can get better quickly. This too, is really important and truly can go a long way to support our health.



We may, however, be falling short when it comes to convalescence as we find ourselves eager to jump back into life. Convalescence refers to a gradual recovery after being ill. It requires a period of time as it is a process of recuperation and rebuilding. When you have been ill, it is tempting to get straight back into living the life you love. The question is, are you actually ready to get back to the gym or do Friday night drinkies?


Long COVID is a term we are hearing these days and it refers to ongoing symptoms long after the initial infection with COVID. This is not unique to COVID, it can happen when we have any type of infection - whether viral, bacterial, fungal or even parasitic. One of the reasons we are seeing this is because we aren’t taking the time to fully recover. We aren’t fully filling up our tanks.


What do we need to fully recover?


1. We need time to heal and fully recover, and we need rest. We need to tune in and listen to our bodies to know where we are truly at.


2. We need nutrients, and we need to replenish what we depleted fighting the infection. If you supported your immune system with goodies when you were sick, keep doing that for a little while longer. I like to suggest for at least 3 days after all your symptoms are gone. Soups and smoothies are a great way to nourish yourself. They are easy to make, they can be very nutrient dense, and they are easy for the body to digest and assimilate. Take your Good Green Vitality, but you don’t need to double or triple the dose. It’s more important to have your dose consistently each day. This can help provide what you need to fuel you, to nourish you and to replenish you without excess stimulation of detoxification pathways.


3. We need sunshine and fresh air. Vitamin D is an important nutrient, especially for our immune system. Getting out in the sunshine is a great way to get your vitamin d and getting out in the fresh air is a great way to fill our lungs with clean fresh air. There is also the feel-good factor of fresh air and sunshine that always leaves us feeling better.


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