3 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids
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3 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids

There's nothing better than a smoothie when it comes to satisfying your child's appetite! You can pack so many ingredients into one blender and produce something so nutritious, even more so with the addition of Kids Good Stuff.


These smoothies are great for breakfast or a delicious afternoon snack, and with very little preparation needed the kids can get involved too.


Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie 



When they're craving something sweet, this chocolate hazelnut smoothie is sure to satisfy! I tastes just like the well-known chocolate hazelnut spread, only healthier!


Salted Caramel Smoothie 



This salted caramel smoothie is the perfect breakfast choice for a busy morning before school. Deliciously thick, this will keep your little ones full until lunch.


Strawberry and Peanut Butter Smoothie



A delicious take on the classic flavour PBJ. This child friendly smoothie packs in all of the essential nutrients in just one glass. (Adults can enjoy too!)